Programmable 45Watt tube head with onboard speaker simulation and speaker load.

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THE WIZARD is a revolutionary new guitar amp


A compact 2 channel tube guitar amplifier with IR speaker simulation and internal speaker load for standalone use.


The wizard is a fully programmable tube guitar amp with motor knobs,

It has 32 memory locations in wich you can save your favorite sounds

You can switch the presets with the rotary encoder or via midi.


The speaker simulator comes with my favorite 16 cabs .Its possible  to upload your own favorite speaker impuls responses with the matching computer app ( Mac and Windows )

This amp gives you the sound and ease of use of a classic tube guitar amp , but with the compactness and multi functionality of a modeling amp.

      The EL34 based tube amp has:


  • 2 channels with multiple voicings each channel
  • Tube buffered effectsloop
  • Programmable reverb
  • Internal speaker load
  • A state of the art programmable impulse response speaker simulator with a impulse response length a 200ms with only a delay of 1 ms.
  • Software to upload your own personal cab IR’s




HOOK little lenny combo

HOOK little lenny

HOOK little lenny

HOOK Dual 45

HOOK Dual 45

R20 | R40 | R20 / R40

HOOK 1x12 open cabinet


HOOK 1x12 open cabinet

HOOK 2x12 open cabinet



All hand made quality cabinets made with the best material and designs

for maximum tone quality.


Our 1x12” and 2x12” ported cabinets are loaded with tone; chunky bass response, rich, fat and woody.


Our ported speaker cabinets have been developed to respond to your nuances as a player, we make cabinets that are alive with resonance, 3D tone  projection and that dance with every note played.



Comes loaded with Celestion V30 , G12H,

G12-65 heritage or with our custom HOOK designed WGS warehouse speaker.


Other WGS speakers to your preference are optional.


Our 2x12 open back cabinets sound much bigger than it looks.

The open back projects your sound like its surround sound system, loaded with Celestion or Warehouse speakers , known for being one of the most popular and most tonally balanced drivers for guitar.




Speaker cabinets




Captain V3 head


Captain V3 head


R 40


R 40 head


R 20


R 20 head


Little Lenny V2 head


Dual 45 head


Dual 45







2*12 blues





Programmable 45Watt tube head with onboard speaker simulation and speaker load.


El34 head, 3 channels, effectsloop, 6 button footswitch


black panel


1*12 combo, 2 channels, celestion v30, tube reverb, effectsloop


head,  2 channels , tube reverb, effectsloop


1*12 combo , 2 channels , celestion V30, tube reverb , effectsloop


head , 2 channels , tube reverb, effectsloop


30  watt  one channel




1*12 combo





Oval back


WGS Veteran mix with Hook 65 custom





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