The NEW WIZARD II is a revolutionary new guitar amp

A compact 2 channel tube guitar amplifier with IR speaker simulation and internal speaker load for standalone use. The wizard is a fully programmable tube guitar amp with motor knobs. It has 32 memory locations in which you can save your favorite sounds and switch between the presets with the rotary encoder or via midi. The speaker simulator comes with my favorite 16 cabs. In addition, it’s possible to upload your own favorite speaker impuls responses with the matching computer app (Mac and Windows). This amp gives you the sound and ease of use of a classic tube guitar amp, but with the compactness and multi-functionality of a modeling amp.

New features of version II

  • New preamp layout
  • Lower power amp voltage for better volume handling and warm vintage tone
  • Clean channel voiced vintage blackface style
  • New gain structure on Lead channel
  • Fat and Edge voicings lead
  • Switchable and programmable effectloop
  • Effectloop series or parallel with level and mix pots
  • Available in 6L6 or EL34 version. (can be changed later)

Due to high demand and the fact that this amp is handmade we have a lead time of 8 weeks. With a down payment of €500,- plus shipping costs you are placed on the production list. When your amp is ready we will send you a notification with a link for payment of the remaining amount.

€3450 (incl. VAT), €2851 (excl. VAT)


Do you have any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us!



  • Power 45 watts
  • Controls: Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble, Volume, Master, Presence
  • Preamp tubes : 3x12AX7 Phase inverter 1x12AX7
  • Power tubes: 2x EL34 or 6L6
  • Speaker output: Individual 4, 8, 16 ohm
  • 32 memory locations, instant recallable by midi footswitch.
  • Reverb settings saved to each preset
  • 2 Channels
  • Channel 1: clean to dirty with boost function
  • Channel 2: crunch to heavy drive with boost function
  • Voicing switches channel 2 : Fat / Edge
  • All analog tube circuit, nothing digital in the signal path
  • Switching with relays, pure signal path
  • Motors control the potentiometers mechanically, no digital components in audio path
  • Switchable effectloop
  • Effectloop series or parallel
  • Top quality hand picked components, all vintage Sozo caps
  • Internal speaker load for stand alone use, so possible to play without speaker cab
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Handbuilt in the Netherlands


  • Direct out
  • Programmable for each preset
  • Impulse response technology (IR)
  • 200ms sample length, 1.2ms latency
  • Connection to PC Mac/PC
  • Editor for easy managing your IR’s or uploading your own IR’s 



Hand made quality cabinets made with the best material and designs for maximum tone quality.

Our 1x12” cabinets are loaded with tone; chunky bass response, rich, fat and woody.They have been developed to respond to your nuances as a player, we make cabinets that are alive with resonance, 3D tone  projection and that dance with every note played.

Comes loaded with WGS speakers



Frequently asked questions 


  • Is the Wizard available for US voltage 115V?

Yes , it is possible to make two different versions, 115VAC ( US ) and 230VAC

  • Is it possible to use the wizard “stand -alone” without any other equipment?

No, there is no internal speaker in this amp.

Stand alone in this context means that you could use the amp without a traditional guitar speaker and go directly to a PA or recording system , skipping the guitar cab and microphones.

So to hear this amp you at least some sort of speaker ( traditional guitar speaker or Full range Hifi, PA or recording system)

If you have a hifi system at home , you could connect the DI to that system by a XLR to cinch cable.

  • Is there a footswitch for the wizard?

There is no special wizard footswitch. You can use any midi footswitch that you like.

It depends on your needs. If you want to switch pedals there are some nice options from Boss. ( EC8 )

  • Can I use the Di out together with a speaker cab?

 Yes , the DI out is a mirror of the speaker out.

  • What is the impedance of the matching speaker cab?

 The Matching speaker cab is 8 Ohm.




I’ve had the Wizard for about a month now and it’s absolutely amazing. I’m very happy to be able to support your hard work in creating this fantastic amp. Can’t wait to see what Hook Amps will do in the future!

hi leendert,

i like the wizard a lot. especially the light crunch sounds! both channels, but the fenderish channel even a bit more. sounds great and takes pedals perfectly! 


Hi Leendert 

Today I dialed in 4 tones for the Strat. LP Special is next. Then others….I’m planning on creating 4 settings for 4-5 guitars. The dream is real! The amp is great! Nailed my Dr Z Maz chimey crunch Vox-ish tone.